Our forensic psychologist experts have clinical expertise in both the NHS and private practice. We also work with forensic psychologists who have worked with criminals in incarceration and community settings. Our psychologists diverse experience means they have a thorough understanding of the UK healthcare and criminal justice systems. We apply our current knowledge of forensic psychology to the facts to provide a report you can trust. We also appreciate completing any expert information as soon as possible.

Our clients have confidence in us to appear as independent expert witnesses or quickly produce a specialised psychological report with minimal participation. We conduct objective assessments to help adults and children with criminal court processes. Various issues can influence a defendant’s capacity to enter a plea and face trial. A psychological evaluation of cognitive performance, forensic psychology, suggestibility, and mental health can aid the defendant during the court process.


Our psychologists are skilled in assessing the disorder’s impact on the client’s vulnerability, criminal responsibility, suggestibility, fitness to plead, decreased commitment, and so on. We also handle personal injury and traffic accident cases.

We are Adhere To Deliver Robust and Finest Services On Budget

We recognise that each case is complex and unique, necessitating individualised attention – which is why we assign expert Account Managers to each of our clients. Our expert Account Managers will be in charge of your cases from start to finish, ensuring that your demands are satisfied and offering additional information on any inquiries you may have.

With professional Psychology Expert Witnesses on your side, you’ll have a single point of contact who understands your specific case requirements, assuring outstanding service, quality, and client care.

1.  Extensive Services

We are happy to offer one of the most extensive, respected expert panels in the business, giving excellent services across various disciplines, thanks to an ever-expanding network of certified, experienced, and renowned experts.

2.  Quality Service

Each of our Psychologist As Expert Witness is subjected to rigorous recruitment and quality checks, assuring the confirmation of qualifications, registrations, and indemnity insurance – verifying that all of our experts are trial-ready and in compliance with regulatory organisations.

3.  Vast Experience

We are well-versed in various legal situations as an industry-leading nationwide service. We will always try to meet your expert witness requirements, regardless of the discipline or timeframe. We have years of experience in bringing things to the limelight and making it the best for our customers.

4.  Detailed Reporting

We collaborate with qualified psychologists who can conduct specialised psychological exams and write detailed and authoritative reports in various legal circumstances. With this, we maintain privacy within our services and maintain the trust of clients.

5.  Prompt Response

Your time is valuable, and we understand that you require a prompt response. We pledge to respond to all inquiries within one hour. Please let us know if your question is urgent, and we will react as soon as possible.