At Forensic Defence, we take pride in offering the Psychiatrist expert witness services in legally aided and civil dispute issues. We take full responsibility for justifying whether the criminal is having any sort of mental issue or not. Our  Forensic Psychiatrist Expert Witness does everything under the rules and makes sure everything is transparent.


What do We do as Forensic Psychiatrists?

Forensic Defence, as forensic professionals, is frequently called upon by courts of law to provide expert witness testimony in legally aided and civil dispute cases. In this position, we may be instructed by the Defence or prosecution in criminal and fraud matters or by the legal team for the claimant or respondent in civil litigation. In some cases, the court may direct our Psychiatrist Expert Witness to submit a report on behalf of two or more parties.


Our experts are well versed with the criminal procedure rules, the civil procedure rules and the civil justice council’s guidance for the instruction of experts to give evidence in civil claims. Our service provides psychiatry expert witnesses who have a wide range of training & expertise from forensic, educational, child & adolescent backgrounds. They can conduct the entire range of assessments & cases that routinely come before the criminal, civil & family courts.

Why Choose Our Forensic Psychiatrist Witness Experts?

1.  Quality at Peak

Every year, we offer hundreds of Medico-Legal reports written by Psychiatric Expert Witness to the highest professional standards. Our Expert Witness Psychiatrists have vast expertise and are registered with the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

2.  Budget-Friendly

We have a wide range of specialised Forensic Psychiatrists and Expert Witness on staff trained to handle a wide range of situations in Public, Private, and Criminal Law processes. They offer objective and fair reports based on evidence-based evaluation methodologies, encompassing all specialisations and foreign language and cultural skills.

3.  Expertise at Peak

We have negotiated favourable fees with our Expert Witness Psychiatrists, so the cost to you will be the same as if you went direct. We provide quotations and services that lie entirely in your budget. We know the money can end your mental peace, thus making the service as affordable as possible.

4.  Agile Approach

We take a proactive approach to manage your case and can meet even the most stringent deadlines. Each issue is allocated to a client manager who will oversee the assessment process quickly and professionally. Reports are typically submitted within 4-6 weeks.

5.  We are Known to Offer Unbiased and Objective Results

We are amongst the leading Forensic psychiatry expert witnesses who provide unbiased and objective reports on their assigned cases. They do it with the utmost professionalism if they are called upon to give evidence to support their investigation in a court of law. All our professionals receive regular courtroom training from one of the UK’s premier companies.

We recognise that affiliations and accreditation might provide clients with trust in our expertise. It also indicates that our work is controlled and of high quality.

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