A psychiatrist expert can play a crucial role in cases, there have been many cases where the defendant has not had the mean’s really to commit the offence, due to suffering from some sort of mental health disorder.


At Forensic Defence, we have a network of the UK’s leading psychology expert witnesses. we can provide a psychologist expert witness who is highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced.


Our service provides Neurologist expert witnesses who have a wide range of training & expertise in civil, criminal and family cases.


We can help assist individuals, companies, lawyers, barristers and accountants in conducting a full investigation into accounts to ensure a fair settlement for the prosecution or defendant.


We have Forensic Defence have Professionals who expertise in DNA Samples, these experts can re-examine any DNA sample which can result in the acquittal of ones case.


Our team of specialists in Forensic Defence, focuses on these calculations by considering every detailed aspect.


Our experts can enhance CCTV by producing a better copy, provide stills, highlight and point an arrow or circle who is doing what.

Expert Witness Services

At Forensic Defence we aim to provide highly experienced expert witnesses in a number of disciplines. We will always endeavour to provide a wide selection of experts to meet our client’s needs.

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines especially in matters which are before the courts. We therefore pride ourselves on an efficient and yet excellent service. Our experts have substantial experience in their respective fields and will always provide the best service possible.

Our expert witnesses include Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Accountants, DNA experts, Cell site experts, Phone/computer experts, Drug analysis, Facial Mapping, Voice recognition, Handwriting samples and more.

Above all we understand that it is difficult for legal professionals in a time constrained field to trace expert witnesses, we will therefore take on the role to provide the experts in a timely manner.

No matter what your witness needs, we will endeavour to provide an expert within that field, we understand it can be time consuming to find an expert yourself, relax and let us to the searching.

We work with a number of expert from a non exhaustive list and accommodate client’s who have specific limitations or requests on different cases. Our aim is to provide experts with vast knowledge in the field you require; a database which we have already established with a varieties such as experts availability to suit the criteria in question.


Expert Witness Services

A forensic expert witness should possess two qualities: 1) the ability to comprehend specialised facts, topics, and methodologies, and 2) convey them clearly and compellingly. Forensic defence analysts excel at both attributes.

Our forensic expert witness team consists of industry experts. Our professionals undergo frequent training and guidance to ensure that we stay current on special investigation methods, emerging trends, and applicable case law from the courts, as best practice and forensic abilities continue to grow rapidly.

In a word, our forensic expert witness views are convincing. They are balanced, thorough, straightforward, and easy to grasp. We handle cross-examination in court with composure, whether the matter is privately funded or assisted by Legal Aid since we understand the issues and have the experience and expertise to back up what we say.

Our team includes experts from several fields.  Digital forensics, Cell Site Analysis (CSA), Litigation support, telecommunications and mobile device examinations, DNA profiling, firearms and gunshot residue studies, drugs/chemical analysis, and fingerprint examinations are the forensic experts witness services available.

We know how to turn complicated exhibits into data that can withstand a court of law’s scrutiny. We know the legal process and what legal teams require, thanks to our vast civil and criminal arenas expertise. Simultaneously, we jealously guard our credibility, which is beneficial to the customers whose solicitors direct us. We are not scared to tell the client and their attorneys/barristers when their case is weak, unsupported, or otherwise unsound. Where a client’s argument has merit and justification, however, we can deliver a compelling and persuasive forensic expert witness opinion that aids the court and jury in making an informed decision.


Digital Forensics

Since its start, digital forensics has always been at the heart of the digital forensic expert witness service offering. We are instructed on a broad range of legally aided, corporate, and private situations because we provide the best and complete range of forensic services. We have the skills to retrieve, analyse, and present digital evidence from various digital media types kept in the UK and around the world.

Forensic defence is a prominent provider of eDiscovery, Digital Forensics, Corporate Forensic Investigations, and Cyber Security services with offices worldwide. Commercial, criminal, and corporate inquiries and lawsuits and conflict resolution are all covered under these specialities.

The capacity of forensic defence to combine active and passive cyber security services, complex digital forensic methodologies, and eDiscovery procedures gives them a competitive advantage. Separately, forensic defence expert analysts are regarded as some of the most knowledgeable professionals. For the most challenging instances, their combined skill becomes even more powerful when working as a team.

Clients from various sectors use a forensic expert witness to provide a tailored solution to highly contentious, multilingual, and multijurisdictional situations with tight deadlines. This depth of knowledge, combined with a highly protected infrastructure, allows the forensic defence to perform at the highest level on a wide range of cases.