Drink Drive bacs calculation

One of the most common crimes is driving whilst over the limit either with drugs or alcohol. There have been many cases where the amount of units taken appear not to add up. Sometime either due to the drink being spiked, or due to taking medication or consuming alcohol or drugs after the intake. We have FD can assist with back calculation.

According to the World Health Organisation’s global status report on road safety 2015, there are over a million deaths worldwide in the category of road traffic accidents. Governments around the world reacted by implementing a set of laws to reduce such accidents.

The United Kingdom shares a hundred thousand of these accidents. There are various factors that lead to these road casualties and to name a few are: speeding, reckless driving, red light and stop sign driving, night driving, car defects, and drunk driving.

For drunk driving, professional drink drive bacs calculation, must be performed when there is an assumed drunk driving issue. Here at Forensic Defence, we are aware that there have been many cases where the amount of units taken by a certain person don’t seem to add up. This is due to the different rates of absorption in every human body.

The basic calculation for Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) may be done by anyone by referring to the number of drinks taken, gender, weight and the time between drinking and calculation. Unfortunately, this may still be unreliable.

Our team of specialists in Forensic Defence, focuses on these calculations by considering every detailed aspect. Aside from the common features, experts also add up some facts of a person’s metabolism percentage, history of medication and such. We have various equipment to do the following tests that will produce reliable blood alcohol levels.

There are different BAC limits for every country before they are accused of drunk driving and with the help of our practiced team, we’ll be able to present accurate calculations in front of the court.