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We give neurology expert witness reports and cutting-edge treatment for traumatic brain injury.

The neurology expert team of forensic defence consists of prominent UK brain trauma specialists with substantial medical experience.

Personal injury attorneys pick us because of our award-winning experience and the cutting-edge rehabilitative services we offer our patients.

We specialise in neurology, neuroradiology, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, and neuro-related therapies.


Our minds are the foundation of who we are.

Our private neurology clinic and Neurology experts offer individualised diagnostic evaluations and treatment plans to assist you in managing and improving your mental health.

Typical symptoms of cognitive decline

Because our ‘thinking ability’ allows us to function in daily life, it’s critical to be aware of the signs that could indicate something more serious. You may benefit from our help if you are experiencing any of the following mental health symptoms:

  • Delayed attainment of developmental milestones
  • Setting goals and prioritising deadlines are complex tasks.
  • Attention span is limited.
  • Asking the same question over and over
  • Depression, rage, anxiety, and agitation are all symptoms of depression.
  • Changing and challenging behaviour
  • Confusion in unfamiliar settings or locations
  • Having trouble recalling current or previous events
  • Losing your bearings in a familiar setting
  • Difficulties with the English language and calculations

Our Mental Health Care Vision

We will establish ourselves as the industry leader in the diagnosis, treatment, and care management of people with cognitive impairment.

Our Clinical Quality and Excellence Mission

For the benefit of our patients, employers, referring clinicians, and investors, we will provide the highest clinical quality and the greatest customer experience in mental health diagnosis and treatment services

What Makes Our Healthcare Unique?

Our world-class team of experts collaborates to provide a comprehensive, patient-centred service.

This includes everything from initial evaluations and investigations to diagnosis, treatment, management, and care. We are the best Consultant Neurologist expert witness in the UK.

Services in Forensic Neurology

In some forensic cases, a neurological examination of a client may be necessary to determine how a known neurological condition (or an undiagnosed neurological condition) influenced the client’s actions and the consequences of those actions (i.e. actus reus), as well as whether they were guilty in acting in that manner. In these situations, a neurological evaluation may help determine if a client is an entirely competent moral agent or if their agency has been harmed somehow.
A neurological evaluation will normally include a complete history from the client and any relevant friends or family members and a full physical (and cognitive, if applicable) neurological examination. Further investigations, such as brain imaging (CT or MRI), or psychiatric tests, neuropsychology, brainwave recording (EEG)may be required due to the neurological evaluation.

Expertise in Forensic Neurology

The forensic defence has a world-class forensic science team working in cutting-edge facilities. All forensic work is completed to the highest standards of quality.

Dedicated Casework Managers oversee all defence work, and our neurology expert witness provides end-to-end support and efficiency. Direct access to our scientists assists barristers and solicitors in developing a successful defence policy, and all assessor reports are documented and reviewed.


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