Forensic Defence covers every major legal tend for your evidences that requires utmost polishing and defining before presenting it to the court. These services include:

DNA Reports

Our team of experts use a variety of tools for DNA sampling. From the biological samples gathered and compared, we can secure an accurate result with the help of our up-to-date database.

Drink Drive Bacs Calculation

Focusing on major driving cases including drunk driving, Forensic Defence carefully calculates Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) by using better tools compared to the basic set-up in which BACs are calculated only by the number of drinks, gender, weight and time. By considering every aspect that defines the BAC of a person, we generate a result that adds up to their metabolism percentage, history of medication and other important factors that makes their results unquestionable.

Psychiatrist Expert Witness

For mentally unstable defendants, a psychiatrist expert witness is crucial to defend their legal standing. With or without previous mental health disorder or medication, the subject will be considered for another ruling after presenting an accurate legal report.

Psychology Expert Witness

Not to confuse with Psychiatrist Expert Witness, this is applicable for defendants who don’t have a history with mental illness. Psychological expert witness can guide a subject’s ruling by considering their history that leads them to their action towards a crime.

Computer Mobile Forensic Examination

Involving technical issues of gadgets used or destroyed in a crime, the Forensic Defence team of IT experts can discover crucial information, which can be found in hard drives and operating systems, such as data imports and exports, timeline of every action, and on how it was operated by a user. A gadget’s history may be presented if a device’s insides are savable for investigation.

Mobile Phone Analysis

Focusing on a mobile phone’s capabilities, our specialists use every tool and technique available to ensure an investigation despite the fact that mobile phone analysis involves complicated forensic techniques. A list of dialed numbers, incoming and outgoing voice calls, SMS or MMS received and sent, contacts and multimedia files taken, deleted, exported, imported etc. can be generated for court purposes.

Cell Site Analysis Expert

If a mobile phone analysis result is deemed insufficient, our cell site analysis experts can work with service providers to create a report about where and when the phone was used during a text, call, turned on and off.

CCTV Enhancement

In Forensic Defence, we consider any multimedia item to be crucial when it comes to narrating a scene of a crime. They are usually what the court turns to when there’s a dire need of accurate information. One example of this powerful multimedia file would be a video caught from a CCTV camera. Unfortunately, these CCTV cameras vary in quality (depending on the company of where it originated). Oftentimes, the cheap ones are publicly used, but when it is presented in court, it becomes grainy or pixelated. Still, it will be useable with the help of out experts that can clearly develop the film without harming its original content.