How quickly can you provide a quote?

We can provide with 1 working days of receipt of instruction

How quickly can the report be ready?

Our usual turn around is between 4-6 weeks, however if required we can provide an urgent report which can take a few days

Who funds you?

Most the cases we work on are legally aided, therefore the legal aid agency (LAA) funds us, however if the case is private then it can be the client directly

Why use Forensic Defence?

Our team has experience in the legal sector, we know which expert is right for the job

What do you over unlike other companies?

We offer a expert touch to each case, so we know what you want and every point

Why use forensic defence?

From start to finish you will be offered a professional hassle free service,

How can I send instructions to Forensic Defence?

As most cases are now digital we would request instructions and papers to be email, however we understand that hard copies can sometimes be better, so we are happy to receive instructions in the post

Do you have a secured email?

Yes we can a secured email which is CJSM

Have your experts attended Court?

Yes, all experts we instruct have a considerable amount of experience in providing evidence before the Court

What if I cannot see an expert on your website?

Feel free to contact us, we will do our upmost to find the expert you require

What if more then one expert is required on a case?

We understand many cases require different experts, we can provide quotes for this also.

Are you psychiatrist s12 qualified?

Yes all of our psychiatrists are s12 qualified.

How do I get in touch?

Email or call us on 0121 233 8500

Where will the expert see the client?

This can be done your office, prison, court and some occasions the home address of the person requiring the assessment.