Mobile Phone Analysis

As with computer systems, mobile phones are becoming used increasingly more in crime; in addition they are also becoming more complicated in the technology used by them. The police and the prosecution frequently use the data from them for conviction purposes, but the defence team can also use various information data to validate their client’s innocence of the charges faced.

IT Forensic experts – Services available:

  • Text / SMS messages both sent and received
  • Dialled numbers
  • Incoming voice calls
  • Outgoing voice calls
  • Images sent, received and taken upon camera equipped phones
  • Images sent and received from camera equipped phones
  • Contact names and phone numbers held in directory
  • Video and audio files held upon the device

Ever since the first handheld mobile phone was created back in the 70’s, it has become widely available for different types of consumers and it’s impossible to step away from one these days. Mobile phones once had an innocent history of its creation until it became so necessary, it shed light to most criminals to use one for straightforward transactions that leads to crimes.

In current court trials, mobile phone analysis can answer half of the questions about the suspect. It’s frequently demanded by most lawyers to prove a person’s innocence or the other way around.

Mobile phone analysis is more focused on the phone’s performance compared to cell site analysis. It deeply focuses on the phone’s internal and external memory. Since the growth and improvement of the smartphone market, the demand of mobile device analysis has increased due to its additional complicated forensic techniques.

To make it possible for forensic experts to extract evidence from a mobile device, the choices of forensic tools are growing as well. By being equipped with every tool and technique, a thorough investigation can be performed.

Here at Forensic Defence, we utilize ourselves with such tools and we deem every aspect of forensic investigation to be crucial, which is why we created a team of experts from various studies. In this case, IT experts.

Our specialists will grab a hold of numerous information that will be useful for the court: Dialled numbers, incoming and outgoing voice calls, SMS/MMS received/sent, contacts and multimedia files taken, exported, imported, deleted and more.