Computer Forensic Examination/ Mobile Phone examination

Technology has become more and more sophisticated, due to new technology it has come a with wide rage of crime. Computers play an important part of many cases from grooming, indecent images, harassment ,drug offences, serious fraud, money laundering, terrorism and list goes on.

The seizure of computers for investigation may cause a massive increase in workload for any legal team. It can assist a defence for an IT Forensic experts interrogation of a computer’s hard drive and operating system can give a valuable insight into how that computer has been used, when it has been used and in some cases, where it has been used and who has used it. The experts on our database, can review this material, get into computers which maybe hard to get into due to being locked and provide an easy report for jurors.

Computer Mobile Forensic Examination 

The use of technology evolves per year and it guarantees multiple advantages for people of different backgrounds and motives. This advantage is often used as a tool for both minor and major crimes. Obtaining various types of computers and mobile phones is trouble-free when there is an adequate amount of money. Except, these technologies have been designed in complicated ways that a simple delete button will not entirely wipe out necessary evidences inside the gadget. With professional handwork, each data’s trail can be revived depending on its condition. It’s when the advantages become disadvantages for criminals.

Over the last 5 years, cyber crimes have infiltrated the growing list of criminal operations. Indecent images, fraud, money laundering, hacking, terrorism, spying, and even pedophilia, are just a few of the offenses performed easily through the wires of the web.

But before the internet, there is a gadget where a file originates. Hard drives and operating systems can store hundreds of data depending on its maximum space. These gadgets can be studied thoroughly for court trials.

The Forensic Defence team is built with experts from the IT industry that can perform such investigation. These specialists can give light to how the computer has been operated, the timeline of every data’s imports and exports, the identity of a user from its tracks, including the possibility of locating places where it has been used.

By reviewing every material provided by a client, our forensic experts have the capability to deduce reliable information by immersing their effort to every trail of data left from these technologies.