In the last few years, cases involving cell site has increased. With these cases, not all analysis are accurate. Bearing in mind the proximity of the mass, whether the phone was used or switched off, it becomes very important for solicitous to get second option in order to out their clients cases properly. At Forensic Defence we have experts on our data base who have either previously worked for the police, or have worked for the serious organised crime time. Our experts can provide independent and professional services in cell site survey, cell mapping, call sequencing, detailed reports and expert opinion. These services are for evidential purposes and are supported by the expert in court if required.

Our experts can provide the following

  • Advice on specific data to be requested from telephone networks, what is requested and from whom
  • Call data records analysis
  • Call sequence tables production (in an easy jury friendly format)
  • Provision of mapping services to locate cell sites, cell sectors, scenes of crime and pertinent addresses.
  • Coverage maps / field strength surveys

Cell Site Analysis Experts 

Cellular phones have become the major necessity for every person out there. Its demands have grown due to the expanding advantages that consumers get every time. It’s a major tool for communication. Billions of phones have been produced by companies and thousands of them are used for unlawful transactions as it is easy to purchase and utilise one.

Through cell site analysis, experts can validate a phone’s geographical location during its function (text, calls, power on etc). Through these functions, local cell sites obtain signals and data which is then followed by multiple checks with accurate timelines. This critical information is discovered by experts by collaborating with service providers. This kind of evidence is often used to prove a person’s whereabouts during the crime. With other major factors, a cell site analysis can serve as the last resort when it comes to proving someone’s innocence or the opposite, especially when there are no other major evidences involved. Still, this can only be validated with other professional observation.

Cell site specialists at Forensic Defence come in various backgrounds from police departments to detailed crime investigations, which enhances the team’s capabilities for different case point-of-views. They provide independent and professional services that will convert a single evidence into useful datas for location mapping of cell sites, cell sectors, pertinent addresses including call sequencing.

Our specialists are equipped with diverse analytical tools per case. These forensic investigators have also been trained in court to provide helpful data and professional opinion for prosecution and defence cases.