The UK has one of the most populated CCTV cameras in the EU. As many places you visit will likely have CCTV within the vicinity. The police and prosecution services are well known to be aware of this and often use such images to secure a prosecution. But this information sometimes in inaccurate and sometimes contradicts the prosecutions case, on other occasions the CCTV quality is poor and will need to be enhanced to establish the facts of what took place. During criminal trial, jurors can get confused at who is doing what. Our experts can enhance CCTV by producing a better copy, provide stills, highlight and point an arrow or circle who is doing what.

Why CCTV Enhancement is Needed? 

One of the most powerful evidences out there, is an actual footage of a scene. This plays a huge role depending on its consistency, authenticity, and clarity.

In this society of constant change and improvement, more and more places are secured with numerous CCTV cameras, especially the private establishments who are more at risk. Also, the street cameras are not excused as it becomes the tool for most successful road accident cases.

The UK has been considered as one of the countries with innumerable working CCTV cameras in the EU. And it becomes a reliable object due to its virtual display of a scene, that would come in useful, in securing a prosecution.

But its power will weaken if pixels, system, format, and quality are not enhanced thoroughly. Oftentimes, it will suggest a different scenario because of its debatable caliber. It will require further analysis to take part in a court case.

In Forensic Defense, we have encountered various situations in which cases are delayed due to poor CCTV footages. Which is why our group of forensic experts, with experiences in the legal sector, use potent and current technologies to provide better copies of CCTV videos. Additionally, we can provide high-quality stills, apply highlights and points if necessary, to help the video’s narration. Our CCTV enhancement team will use every tool in our system to clarify pixels from a poor form, giving it an expert’s touch. We ensure that the quality will be better from where it came from and where it will go to